I was about seventeen when I started going to tarot readers and clairvoyants, my friends and I would travel around in the seventies, visiting mediums and psychics, various MBS festivals such as Alexandra Palace in London and visits to Mysteries in Covent Garden.

My years of travelling have introduced me to an international clientele, reading for corporate events and expats in Dubai, Louisiana, Texas, Tenerife, Barcelona and Alicante. Highlights have been presenting and reading for clients at corporate and charity events with Champneys and Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire and 5 star hotels in Jumeirah, Dubai.

I have also enjoyed attending psychic development workshops and seminars with inspirational mentors such as Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh, Mavis Patilla, Sharon Harvey, Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins.

I have used the same set of Mythic Tarot Cards for 35 years, being an empath I picked it up very quickly it was a natural process.

There are times I use psychometry or crystals during a reading, often I am asked about loved ones that have passed over, if they wish to come through then I will happily pass a message on.

My role is to help bring clarity to situations, answer questions with honesty and compassion, put forward options that are available allowing the client to be free to make their own choices.

The experience is uplifting at times emotional but always positive.

Over the last 35 years my readings have included some of the following topics some of which may resonate with you:

Career change, property, troubled relationships, bullying, emotional eating, business ventures, bereavement, moving abroad, troubled horses, spiritual counselling, relationships, family issues, general guidance.

There are times in our lives when we need help with lifestyle choices and no matter how many times we try and sort it out ourselves or with friends and family there is a moment when you just feel that you need someone else to listen without judgement and get some perspective and clarity

You may become emotionally and mentally disconnected, your head is telling you one thing and your heart is feeling something else which can lead to fearful decision making, knocking you off balance, holding you in a pattern that no longer serves you.

My aim is to help you realign your perspective in order to move forward with confidence.


 “Thank you to Gayle for a wonderfully accurate reading delivered with compassion and empathy, Gayle has a lovely gift and is a caring soul who genuinely wants to help. Her reading was so accurate and insightful, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or healing.

Thanks Gayle
What a gift - Amazing Lady - Clare