Gayle Spiritual Horse Whisperer Intuitive Readings For Horses

I love reading for horses and their owners it has been a passion of mine for years. It is a unique experience channelling energies and communicating between them giving insights into how they are feeling, sharing memory attachments, reflections of behaviour patterns around the yard concerning other people or horses, anxieties, loss of loved ones , ambitions, the list is endless and fascinating. I am clairsentient, meaning I sense emotional energies and vibrations from past experiences and present situations. The reading may be followed by reiki healing if required to help release any tension or stress .
I read remotely over the phone using a photo and a name as well as visit homes and yards.



Equine Intuitive Readings & Reiki

Please call me to discuss interest in my equine services before booking appointment

Because he is my hero

Gayle came to visit us today and did a reading for my horse Woody.

We have both been through a lot and have come to a point where we needed help.
My horse is a very good judge of character and if he doesn't like or trust you he will make his feelings clear. He instantly connected with Gayle in a positive way and looked like he had a lot to tell her. He kept sniffing her hair and face with huge affection...this is not a normal greeting for him. Everything Gayle said about how Woody felt I totally understood as I felt the same and knew all along. I just need to trust my instincts more.
He was scared sometimes, unsure and unable to move forwards because of memories. These were all my thoughts that I was hearing. I have always said that Woody is my mirror and Gayle has proved me right. I now know that Woody is very affected by negative people and I have to do more to shield him from this and not be afraid to stand up for him. He has picked up that someone has suggested he should be sold amongst other negative things.

A number of years ago we had 2 horrible accidents, none of which were Woodys' fault, but he feels a sense of responsibility for them, as I have lost my trust in him...I lost my hero because I lost my way, Gayle offered Woody reiki and I watched him accept it with peace and love in his heart. His reaction was palpable. I could feel his relief of letting go of guilt, disappointment and failure. We will rebuild slowly and steadily and I got the opportunity to let him know that he is safe with us, loved and we want him to have a happy life. He is always a superstar and perfect in my eyes. I burst with pride every time I look at him. My heart and soul walks on his four legs and he will always be my hero.

I now feel the strength to take us both forward and the belief that I have always done the right thing by him.

Thank you Gayle for clearing that block and allowing us to connect's been emotional.

With much love Helen Treverrow and Woody

''Amazing reading leading me to my dream horse from childhood; having worked with horses for 14 years and riding for 27 years I was amazed by the reading and guidance I received.. I now have my own unicorn and wouldn't of found her without Gayle.

My reading with Gayle guided me to wait, I was told a horse was waiting for me, during the reading Gayle also gave me guidance on horses which were unsuitable saving me the disappointment of losing out on my dream horse as I wouldn't of had the funds or space for her. My mare came to me only a few days after my reading.
This was not a project or a horse to sell on but a horse for a lifetime.

Gayle is a beautiful soul and prioritises the animals welfare and well being as well as guiding her clients to a bright future''

Thank You, Highly Recommended - Hollie Hitter

Intuitive Reading for Clover Hertfordshire

Gayle did a reading for my pony today which was amazingly accurate and has helped me no end to understand what he has been through in the past and how to move on and heal him from that!

Will definitely be keeping in contact to let you know how we get on!!

Thank you sooooo much Gayle xxx Sophie B Simply amazing x

In 2015 I read for a stunning stallion in Alicante who was a rescue. He had issues with his feet being picked up and would go to fall on his owner which considering the size of him was very intimidating.

I was given a cutting of his hair and proceeded to do a reading. I immediately felt his pain, anger and betrayal and then I was given snapshots of his ill treatment exposing the bullying and brutal hobbling of him as a youngster which was horrific. I called his owner straight away and gave her the information.

Changes were made in his horse management some of which were dividing the routines of healing therapy and grooming whilst speaking positive affirmations.

This strategy enabled them both to improve on confidences and mutual respect.

Hi Gayle

I wanted to share this with you: After ages of feeling big horse 'Tinieblas' malformed back foot with my fingers and trying to treat the skin problems I finally bit the bullet and shaved quite a lot of his hair off to see what we actually had to deal with. The result was quite a deformed hock which we (Antonio, the vet and me) think was caused by somebody hobbling him and tying rope around his hock and leaving it for so long that it cut in and deformed the muscle!!! I remembered what you had said when you did his reading; that he had been tied up and brought to his knees!!! So there you go, how right you were, it gave me goose bumps as I thought of it.

So you did pick up on that and how awful it must have been for him, it makes me want to cry when I think of it. I’m still telling him how big and strong and beautiful he is and what big strong legs he has and I think he is beginning to believe me. I still struggle with him sometimes, but it’s me, not him, and we are doing so much better and of course I love him with all my heart!! I think of you often my friend and I know our paths will definitely cross again.

Lots of love xxx

Hi Sue,

I remember his reading like it was yesterday I was tearful then and I had a little tear now reading your message. I am so grateful you trusted me at the time to do the reading we hadn’t known each other long yet you had faith in my ability. The consequence was the beautiful healing journey you took together spiritually and physically Thank you so much for letting me know. I have no doubt he knows he is i safe hands with you Sue.

Keep up the good work and give him a huge hug and kisses from me x

I was invited by one of my clients to read for a troubled horse they were interested in buying; he had enormous potential but was seen as aggressive and grooms were not happy to go into the stable with him, the client wanted to know what was causing this behavior.

I requested a small cutting from his mane and I began the reading straight away.

The energy from the horse was showing me snap shots of the abuse he had endured, one of which was a groom from his past aggressively 'brushing' him around his neck and head with a metal curry comb and pushing him around the stall, I could feel his fear.

Being clairsentient I pickup emotions and energies. It was a disturbing and painful reading, the conclusion being that with the right care and understanding, love and patience, it could be resolved and benefit all involved.

Were they willing to listen to my advice and follow through? I knew that it would take a lot of commitment. I am happy to say the client realised then that this was the horse for her and everything in the reading made sense.

During my time in Tenerife a favourite place to visit was the stables half way up Mount Teide. One Sunday morning I was invited to go up and do some grooming, spend time with the horses. My friends went off for a hack and I was left to do some grooming and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I had been advised to be aware of the grey ex-bull fighting horse who had been rescued some time ago, which was respected and understood considering his history, he had gone into his stall and wasn’t in the mood for grooming this morning.

I had spent some time grooming one particular pony and felt it was time for some Reiki the atmosphere and energies were perfect for it and we were alone in the middle of nowhere half way up a volcano, bliss. 

I put some Angelic Reiki music on which echoed throughout the yard and I stepped into the paddock to offer Reiki to any of the horses interested.

Within a minute or two a little goat came over, my friends dog, the pony I had just been grooming trotted over and then the ex-bull fighting horse put his head out of his stall and strolled over, curious to see what I was doing.

In time we were so relaxed both horses were with me and I could feel their velvet noses against my face, still and breathing gently, It felt so peaceful, beautiful and content, the little goat and dog had joined in. We were all as one enjoying a moment in time.

By the time my friends came back from their hack they were amazed how peaceful the yard felt and how chilled the horses were and the goat!

I became a SARA, (Sheltered Animal Reiki Association) Reiki Practitioner at Remus Horse Sanctuary Ingatestone, Essex in 2011

 My experiences offering reiki to horses during the course and since then have been some of the most spiritual moments of my life.