Because he's my Hero

Gayle came to visit us today and did a reading for my horse Woody. We have both been through a lot and have come to a point where we needed help. My horse is a very good judge of character and if he doesn't like or trust you he will make his feelings clear. He instantly connected with Gayle in a positive way and looked like he had a lot to tell her. He kept sniffing her hair and face with huge affection...this is not a normal greeting for him. Everything Gayle said about how Woody felt, I totally understood as I felt the same and knew all along. I just need to trust my instincts more. He was scared sometimes, unsure and unable to move forwards because of memories. These were all my thoughts that I was hearing. I have always said that Woody is my mirror and Gayle has proved me right. I now know that Woody is very affected by negative people and I have to do more to shield him from this and not be afraid to stand up for him. He has picked up that someone has suggested he should be sold amongst other negative things. A number of years ago we had 2 horrible accidents, none of which were Woody's' fault, but he feels a sense of responsibility for them, as I have lost my trust in him...I lost my hero because I lost my way, Gayle offered Woody Reiki and I watched him accept it with peace and love in his heart. His reaction was palpable. I could feel his relief of letting go of guilt, disappointment and failure. We will rebuild slowly and steadily and I got the opportunity to let him know that he is safe with us, loved and we want him to have a happy life.
He is always a superstar and perfect in my eyes. I burst with pride every time I look at him. My heart and soul walks on his four legs and he will always be my hero. I now feel the strength to take us both forward and the belief that I have always done the right thing by him.Thank you Gayle for clearing that block and allowing us to connect's been emotional.

With much love Helen Treverrow and Woody

Equine Reading

Gail did a reading and really helped me move forward after losing my old mare. I found comfort and support when Gail told me what my old mare had said. She also told me about my other two horses and explained how they were feeling after the loss. My little miniature wants to look after my other horse this was great as now they have bonded so much in the last few weeks. I feel at peace now I know my Lara's safe and well.

Thank you Gail for my messages from her you have a amazing gift look forward to seeing you again xxx

Equine Reading

Gayle did an equine reading over the telephone to help me and the new horse I have started looking after and riding called Ruby after losing my beloved rescued Arabian mare Dee that I'd looked after for 14 years.

Last year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take on the care of Ruby. I love her to bits but we have both experienced confidence issues and just don't feel like we understand each other fully, I was having concerns that I perhaps wasn't the best person to make her happy. During the reading Gayle shared Ruby's thoughts and feelings with me and it all made perfect sense. I now have a way forward to help her be the happy horse she should be and am certain we can build on a better bond and understanding of each other to become a team. Gayle also finally helped me find closure after losing Dee and I now feel that she is at last free to run with the angels without me holding her back.

Thank you so much Gayle, you are gifted with what you do and I am so grateful x Heidi x

Had a great reading with Gayle, very relaxed and professional with such a good feeling. She has a gift. I would recommend her to everyone.
Lynne Jackson - Just brilliant

I have had two readings with Gayle, one back in December and today! She is so gifted with a warm and welcoming personality! She is very inspiring and was spot on last Dec, and I'll be honest, I thought it wouldn't happen, but did. I left today feeling, Re-energised, re-focused and inspired after going to her feeling very low.
Thank you Gayle and I look forward to you guiding me through my future. Xx :)
Kerry Martin Miss

Gayle is a very bubbly, warm and very gifted lady. She has helped me to open my eyes to things that I needed to see and to start to take control of my life again. A brilliant spiritual medium and counsellor. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. What you see is what you get. Its not just a reading but also healing and upliftment. Thank you Gayle Love and light Pat xxx Patricia Canfield

Gayle, you are one of the most incredible, beautiful and inspiring people I have ever met. I can't thank you enough for today's reading. You have confirmed what I've known for a long time but have been running away from out of fear. Blessings and love, Nora A heartfelt thank you Gayle thank you so much for the time and patience you showed to a newbie! I felt as though a great weight had been lifted after seeing you. I wished I had met you years ago. You helped me understand things and given me much food for thought. I cannot wait until you are here in Tenerife again, hopefully in March for another reading and reiki. Thank you and take care. Kxx Kay

Champneys worked with Gayle on seven events across our seven town and city spas and I am pleased to let you all know that Gayle was in our top 10 expert speakers list of 2010! She was very professional and extremely well received by customers and staff alike! We look forward to working with Gayle in 2011! Rebecca Healey Marketing Manager, Champneys Town and City Spas

I believe that my angels sent me to Gayle while I was searching for specific answers. She is a wonderful and honest person and my reading was very clear, precise and realistic. I am really impressed by her incredible skills to connect with my energies and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a positive reading. Thank you so much Gayle! Vanessa Canada

I have had many readings with Gayle and always have been a very satisfied customer, now she lives in England I had to have my first phone reading. My god, I could feel her warmth through the phone, it was just as she was sitting next to me in Tenerife! Thank you Gayle, as always u were spot on! Much Love! Esther

I was not a firm believer in psychics and the tarot, but I was going through a difficult time in my life and was willing to try anything! Gayle was amazing. Very intuitive, insightful and absolutely spot-on. She not only told me what was currently happening in my life, but was able to advise me on what to do. I am following her advice and so far it is working! She went above and beyond the standard, bringing a genuine warmth and care to the session I had. I have another session booked in for next week, and I am very grateful I found this extraordinary woman. Katey

Gayle is amazing , I have just had my second reading with her and she is so spot on . I have recommended her to my friends and would never go anywhere else for a reading . Julie

Absolutely incredible! Gayle emailed me with a reading and it was 100% spot on and included some really helpful advice. Everybody should do this! Gayle, thank you so much! Al Phuket Alwyn Dixon working abroad!

Thank you so much for the reading. You were fantastic and so spot on! I've been raving about you to my friends! I will definately advertise you at work through the intranet! Nisha, Author Stevenage, UK

I have been a regular client of Gayle since I met her at a Ladies Evening, last year. She absolutely amazed me with her astonishing accuracy and honesty. Gayle is a wonderful, caring and easily approachable woman; she puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. I am an experienced and highly respected clairvoyant in Norfolk, so it is refreshing and comforting to have Gayle to give me guidance when I need it. I would highly recommend Gayle to anyone. I have met many tarot readers over the years but I have to say no one comes close to Gayle's wonderful and amazing ability Roz McCormack Clairvoyant, Norfolk

My experience with Gayle, in Barcelona, was pleasant and accurate. I felt confident, satisfied and more than happy with Gayle's understanding. I have found not only a friend in her but also an honest person. I wish everyone to allow themselves to find this experience as rewarding as I did Florencia Ivulich Washington DC USA. Gayle did my first reading in Dubai 20 years ago. She was a complete stranger but told me all about myself through the cards. Since then I have had many readings and continue to be astounded by her insight, accuracy and plain spoken truth. In the past I have accompanied Gayle to readings and taken notes for her clients. She has revealed truths that have amazed me let alone the client relationship issues; unfaithful spouses; business concerns; health issues; worries; travel opportunities she covers it all. Gayle's accuracy is impressive in a face to face reading, but what has always left me speechless is seeing her achieve the same results via phone, mail, letter, or from a photograph. I recommend Gayle's services whole-heartedly; she has never disappointed me or anyone I recommended her to. From house purchases to relationship issues - whatever your question she will answer it in the most honest and direct way. Jude New Jersey USA.

I have been having readings from Gayle for many years now and she never fails to amaze me with her powers of accuracy for things that are present and in the future. A truly brilliant Tarot Reader who never rushes a reading and believes in telling you just how it is. Highly recommended Mo Cambridge UK